Victor Falco

Rat King

Victor Falco

Vital Statistics
Real name Victor Falco
Species Human
Gender Male
Other Statistics
Affiliation Tyler Rockwell (formerly)
Occupation Scientist
Production Details

Dr. Victor Falco was an enemy of the Turtles. He was a human scientist from New York City, who was horrifically burned during a lab experiment with mutagen, which transformed him into the Rat King.


Season one

He was formerly a colleague of Dr. Tyler Rockwell\Monkey Rockwell who betrayed him by using the mutagen and chimpanzee DNA to mutate him in order to get his psychic powers. He lied to the Turtles and April O'Neil by putting the blame on Rockwell, so they would retrieve Rockwell for him. Having got Rockwell back, he successfully extracts his altered DNA to give himself telepathy. In the meantime, the Turtles have realised his deception, and went back to his lab, where they have an almost impossible fight, as Falco could predict all their moves. With only Donatello left, he fought without thinking what he was going to do, which made it easy to defeat Falco. Unfortunately, while the other Turtles congratulated Donatello, he managed to escape.[1]

He had since had since got his corporate funding pulled and was shunned by the scientific community.[2]



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