Donnie introduces the T-Phone.

A T-Phone is cellular device used by the Turtles (and later April O'Neil)[1] to contact each other when separated on missions. They were made by Donatello.[2] They will self-destruct if the code words "T-phone self destruct," are said.[1] When in a dire emergency, they can call Splinter's cheese phone.

Physical appearance

They resemble turtle shells.


  • It will self destruct by saying the code words "T-Phone self destruct."[1]
  • It has a vibrate option.[3]


Season one

When the Turtles and April O'Neil decided to search for an escaped monkey, Donatello revealed his T-Phone creation to them, allowing them to stay in contact. Donatello tried to impress April by saying she could put her number in his phone (even though they had it on the fridge already). They put the phones to good use, except for Michelangelo who was using it to play a game.[2]


Total appearances: 24.


  • They are a parody of an i-Phone.
  • The ringtone is based on the 80s series theme song.[4]


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