Space Heroes title card

Space-Heroes is a science-fiction cartoon series. It revolves around the missions of the crew of the Dauntless[1] lead by Captain Ryan.

Leonardo is big fan, and in his early adventures as leader of the Turtles, he would look to the main character, Captain Ryan, for inspiration.[2] Fans call themselves "Space-niks."[3]

There have been at least three movies, with the third one called Space-Heroes III: The Resurrection of Mindstrong.[4] There has also been a sequel series, Space-Heroes: The Next Generation, although it hasn't become the wide hit that the original show was.[5]

Space-Heroes pinball machine

Downtime on the pinball machine.

In the Turtles' lair, they have Space-Heroes-themed pinball machine. Leo also owns Space-Heroes issue #1 comic.[6]

Space-Heroes comic

A Space-Heroes comic.


Total appearances: 16.


  • The show is a parody of the 1960's Star Trek TV series, as well as the 1970's Filmation-produced continuation, Star Trek: The Animated Series.
  • The pinball machine is featured in Raphael's intro in the opening theme song for the first four seasons (except, coincidentally, for the space arc at the beginning of season four).
  • In season one, Leonardo watched twelve episodes. Almost every time it is shown, it is to foreshadow what will happen for Leonardo and/or the Turtles.
  • The comic Leonardo owns is a parody of the first Star Trek comic published by Western Publishing (under their Gold Key Comics imprint) in 1967.


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