Vital Statistics
Other names Snakeweed
Species Mutated human-plant hybrid (orginally human)
Gender Male
Hair color Brown (as a human)
Eye color Brown
Other Statistics
Affiliation The Kraang (formerly)
Production Details
First appearance Rise of the Turtles, Part 1 (as Snake)
Rise of the Turtles, Part 2 (as Snakeweed)
Voiced by Danny Jacobs

Snakeweed, real name Snake, was a human who was transformed into a giant weed.[1] He was briefly employed by the Kraang, not knowing who they really were, to kidnap scientists.[1]

Physical appearance

As a human, Snake was a skinny Caucasian adult male, with brown hair and eyes. His hair was grown down to his neck, and he had sideburns. He wore a white vest, gray pants, and black boots.


Season one

Snake mutates

Snake mutates.

He helped kidnap Kirby and April O'Neil, and drove them away.[2] The Turtles tracked down Vlad's Repo Depot, where he was about to drive away in the same van, but was stopped by the Turtles, who interrogated him, with Raphael threatening him with mutagen. They force Snake to lead them to where April and her father are being held, keeping him tied on a rooftop, as they discuss what to do. He used the distraction to escape, and behind a dumpster. Leonardo and Raphael discover this, but don't let on, instead speaking out loud of their plan, so he can tell the Kraang.

Snake and the Kraang, armed, then wait for the Turtles. They were still caught off guard, as the Turtles send the van Snake had left behind, crashing into the building. The resulting explosion caused the mutagen still inside to spray out on Snake, who was mutated into a plant-like humanoid, due to the few small plants protruding from the ground.

Snake returned just as the Turtles were about to stop the Kraang from taking the O'Neils to a helicopter. With his newfound abilities (and now referred to as Snakeweed), he was more than a match for the Turtles, and also the Kraang, who now saw each other as enemies. After a lengthy battle, the Turtles tricked Snake into destroying a Kraang power generator, electrifying him to death. As the Turtles escaped, the seed-like heart within his body started to beat again, bringing life to his cold, dead body.[1]

Snakeweed had since been caught on video, with the user's video having been uploaded on MyFace, and shared on Chris Bradford's page.[3]


Total appearances: 5.


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