Pigeon Pete
Vital Statistics
Real name Pete
Other names Pigeon Man
Species Mutated pigeon-human hybrid (originally pigeon)
Gender Male
Fur color Grey
Eye color Yellow
Other Statistics
Affiliation The Turtles;
Kirby O'Neil;
April O'Neil;
Mighty Mutanimals (formerly)
Production Details
First appearance The Gauntlet
Voiced by A.J. Buckley
"We where both guests of the Kraang. They pored some ooze on me and turned me into this."
―Pigeon Pete[src]

Pigeon Pete is a mutated pigeon-human hybrid, who was a member of the Mighty Mutanimals.[1] He eventually left under mysterious reasons.[2]


Season one

Pete was being experimented on by the Kraang, mixing his DNA with a human's. Kirby O' Neil asked Pete to contact his daughter, April. Pete followed April constantly. This scared her, so she and the Turtles set a trap for him. It worked, but then Pete explained why he had come. He then said he would tell them where Kirby was if they give him bread. They did and he left.[3]


Total appearances: 8.