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Metalhead goes haywire
General Information
Original broadcast October 27, 2012
Season One
Episode number Six
Written by Tom Alvarado
Directed by Juan Jose Meza-Leon
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Metalhead is the sixth episode of the first season.


Tired with his bo staff, Donatello opts for a more powerful weapon in the form of Metalhead, a reverse-engineered Kraangdroid. It goes mostly well, until a Kraang, itself, takes over and turns it against the Turtles.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


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Jason Biggs Leonardo
Rob Paulsen Donatello
Sean Astin Raphael
Greg Cipes Michelangelo
Mae Whitman April O'Neil
Hoon Lee Splinter
Nolan North The Kraang
Brian Bloom Captain Ryan
Ben Cross Dr. Mindstrong
Scott Menville Mr. Crankshaw


  • Metalhead's origin is the opposite of what it was in the 1987 series. In its previous incarnation, Krang created Metalhead, and Donatello reprogrammed it. This incarnation sees Donatello creating the 'bot, and a Kraang repurposing it for his own needs.
  • A running gag in this episode involves Donatello requesting something of Splinter, and Splinter giving consent. Donatello then protests ("No fair!") before realizing that he has been given the go-ahead.
  • This is the first episode to focus on Donnie.
  • This episode was adapted by Random House Children's Books into Robot Rampage! on January 8, 2013.


  • April: Guys. We gotta do something. The Kraang are planning to replace the water supply with mutagen!
  • Leo: If they turn water into mutagen, the city will become a disaster area.
  • Donnie: (through Metalhead) There would mutants everywhere!
  • Mikey: Wow! Think of all the friends we'd make! (everyone stares crossly) Well excuse me for being a "glass-half-full" kind of guy!
  • Leo: Let's go!
  • Donnie: (through Metalhead) Yeah! The Kraang don't stand a chance against us. (Leo puts his hand at Metalhead) What?
  • Leo: Donnie. You can't come. Metalhead is just too clumsy.
  • Metalhead: Clumsy?! (knocks down bins) I did that on purpose to emphasize my point.

  • (Metalhead jumps on two Kraang-droids attacking them hands out of order) Metalhead: HIIIIIIIIYAA!
  • Leo: What are you doing? What is wrong with your arms?! 
  • Metalhead: You mean my hands are not on my hips?
  • Leo: No! (Raph facepalms)

  • Metalhead: Oops! Forgot to press B (puts it right and destroys Krangdroid) So, Raph. How does it feel to be shown up by a toaster? (Raph feels embarrassed)
  • Mikey: Burn!
  • Metalhead: Yeah. I knew that has a good one.
  • Mikey: No! Burn!!! (Metalhead sets fire on two Kraang droids)

  • Donnie: (Donnie zooming in on April) Look at her, she's so beautiful. On this monitor, she can't tell I'm staring.
  • April: You do know that's not muted right?
  • Donnie: (screams)

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