Vital Statistics
Eye color Light blue
Other Statistics
Affiliation The Turtles
Production Details
First appearance Metalhead
Voiced by Rob Paulsen (as Donatello)
Nolan North (as Kraang)
"Gentlemen... and Raphael, this is the future of ninjutsu."

Metalhead was a robot created by Donatello. Although highly dangerous if not monitored correctly, the sentience it gained near the end of its "life," made it a true ally of the Turtles.[1]


Season one

Metalhead was created by Donatello, using a salvaged Kraangdroid in an attempt to "upgrade" from his bo staff. Donnie could control Metalhead with a video game controller, while observing the situation through a TV monitor, through cameras in Metalhead's eyes. While Metalhead proved to be nearly unstoppable in combat situations, he was far too clunky and heavy to properly sneak around, thus leaving him forced to sit out a mission against the Kraang. When his brothers became overrun, Donnie sent Metalhead in, where he easily defeated the Kraang attacking them, knocking off the control antenna in the process. One Kraang, however, realized that Metalhead was made from their technology, and detached from it's robot body, opting instead to control Metalhead. With the signal lost without the control antenna, Donnie could not defend Metalhead from the Kraang's control. The now Kraang-controlled Metalhead attacked the turtles, nearly killing them, until Donnie showed up in person. Donnie managed to defeat Metalhead by crashing a support pillar on it. The Kraang controlling it ran off.[2]


Total appearances: 9.


  • The video game controller resembling one used for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


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