April O'Neil
April O'Neil
Vital Statistics
Species Human/mutant hybrid[1]
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Other Statistics
Relatives Kirby O' Neil (father);
Mrs. O'Neil (mother, presumed deceased);
Unnamed aunt (mentioned);[2]
Unnamed grandfather (mentioned, deceased)[3]
Affiliation The Turtles;
Casey Jones;
Production Details
First appearance Rise of the Turtles, Part 1
Voiced by Mae Whitman
"Do you know what else is dangerous? Standing between me and my father."

April O'Neil is a close human ally of the Turtles, who have come to consider her a member of their family.[3]

She attends Roosevelt High School with Casey Jones, who also became a close friend and ally of the Turtles.


April is very adventurous. She likes to come on some of the Turtles' missions. Splinter was training her to be a female ninja so that when she goes with the Turtles she will be able to defend herself.


Total appearances: 58.