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• 4/7/2013

Venus de Milo & Mona Lisa

I would really think they'd make a great deal if they put them both in the series as step sisters. First they could be living in China as shaolin monks, then when there's trouble they head to New York. Both are masters as the style of kung fu - Milo's weapons could be the Twin Hooks and Staff, Mona's weapons could be the Tonfa and Chain Whip. Chung I maybe wanted Venus and Leonardo to be married 'cause he thought Leo was the best choice for her, but Splinter doesn't want to for either of them since they are still young. Ralph and Mona immediately fall for each other, and both have a love for fighting, but Mona only uses her full strength when it's necesarry. Venus and Mona spend their time meditating with Splinter or Chung I, but still watch TV or read comic books but I don't see them as game fanatics. Venus could love soft music or jazz, and Mona could love classic rock or country. I see Ralph and Mona hitting it off at first sight, but I see Leo and Venus taking their time. If Leo still has feelings for Karai i wonder what that would do to him and Venus. Venus and Mona care for each other and the others - Venus is shy around most new things, but Mona is always aching to try them but is also careful...most of the time.

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• 4/20/2013

I hope you do that! I can imaging them hitting it off! And alot of people would watch it.

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